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The leader of On The Hook Recruiting has been in the industry his entire career in both external agency and internal corporate capacities for over a decade.


Honesty is the best policy, but recruiting has historically been a dishonest and secretive service field. We offer complete transparency and no "extra" fees. 


Building out your team does not need to be complicated. We have a simple contract and do what we say we will do. There is no easier way to hire than with On The Hook Recruiting. 



We aren't just flexible, we personalize every search for each Hiring Manager we work with. We also personalize each contact and interaction with candidates based on our partners needs.


We don't have "clients", we build partnerships. Recruiting is one of the few industries where agencies are looked at as a last resort. We work hard to become your first option.

Recruiting is not a "one size fits all" service industry. We have chosen to focus on specific industries that not only need our support but can truly capitalize on our decades of recruiting experience.



Oliver has more than 10 years of experience in full lifecycle recruiting, marketing, and business development, along with high-level ATS skills and a personal dedication to assisting others in developing their careers.

Before launching On The Hook Recruiting, Oliver was the Head of Talent at a boutique recruiting agency servicing and managing clients across many industries including apparel, SaaS, cybersecurity, manufacturing, skilled trades, real estate, engineering, communications and transportation.

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